Nursing Math Help

How to Calculate Flow Rates

Learning how to calculate a basic flow rate is an essential skill for nurses, paramedics and others that are exposed to the administration of intravenous medications. A flow rate is how fast an IV fluid is administered into a patient. It is important to calculate because different medications are administered at different rates or speeds.

How to Calculate Drip Rates

When nurses are required to use gravity tubing to run an IV, they are basically infusing an IV fluid without an electronic pump that controls the rate at which the fluid is infused.  An electronic IV pump will tell you exactly how fast it is infusing. If gravity infusions only consist of a bag, a line and an access port to the patient, how do you know how fast the fluid is infusing? That is why we calculate drip rates.

How to Do Medcication Dosage Calculations

Do I give 1 tab? 2 tabs? 3? 4? Medication dosage calculations are essential for nurses, paramedics and other healthcare providers to know. This guide will teach you how to do these calculations in an easy to remember way. In addition, it will show you the difference a simple change in vehicle can make and why it is important to know how to do the math yourself.